neil lawson – motion design

Rive dojo

Exercises from Motion Design School’s Rive course

WEEK 1 EXERCISE. bouncing ball is such a classic first exercise for any new software. this course is full of high quality training content showcasing creative techniques and uses of the software’s features.

character follows cursor or screen press. you can change the skin of the character by selecting it. the ground can also be reskinned by selecting it.

the finished game, ‘adventure bounce’.

WEEK 02 EXERCISE: learned how to use bones, joysticks and constraints to rig the interaction below. also reinforced how to use nested artboards and access their inputs.

click on the character to see it react and adjust the sliders to alter the wave frequency and amplitude.

mesmerising experiment

experimenting with question feedback animations. i will be using this as a basis for testing out a runtime implementation on a Storyline slide and making/receiving JavaScript calls.

update: so i created an html page to display the Rive in a canvas element. anchor links on the webpage trigger inputs in the Rive object. next step is to try and use the same JavaScript calls from within a Storyline slide.

rive in a webpage test

EXERCISE WEEK 3: blending between different timelines with the blend mode; different inputs tied to the same slider.

same meat, different gravy…

ASSIGNMENT WEEK 4: rigging and binding, blends and additive blends.